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Vancouver, BC


Feest is a lovingly handmade collection of all-natural aromatherapy products, each crafted to promote a feeling of well-being and comfort. Our line includes soy candles, luxe bath salts, scrubs, body sprays and loose leaf teas.

Therapeutic for both mind and body, our products use only the purest ingredients, genuine essential oils and environmentally conscious, reusable packaging. We personally hand make our products in micro-batches with keen, heartfelt attention to detail.


In 2011 I launched Feest, a lovingly handcrafted collection of all-natural and sustainable aromatherapy products. The initial idea was born from a desire to create products that were both good for the environment and for the body. Each product was initially imagined and created for use in my own home and shared amongst friends and family before becoming available. 

My line is personally hand crafted in small batches using all natural ingredients and pure essential oils. I don’t use any preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances or synthetic ingredients. Using environmentally friendly and ideally reusable packaging has been very important to me and considered at each step of the development process.

I have been blessed with the good fortune of having an amazingly supportive local and online craft community. I am continuously inspired by the imagination, innovation and creativity of this tightly-knit group of independent makers, designers and appreciators of beautiful handmade goods. 

As for me personally? I am a Vancouver-based graphic designer and marketing consultant with a background in communications and event planning. I’m a mother a passionate wanderer and lover of all things handmade and delicious.